2015 Gawler Tennis Tournament
7-9 March, 2015 (March Long Weekend)
What is the Gawler Tennis Tournament?

The Gawler Tennis Tournament is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in Australia. It started in 1907, with a local business man Frank Barritt offering a prize of 3 guineas to the winners. With a large number of entries (3 guineas was a lot of money in 1907) and only a few courts around Gawler, it took many months for the tournament to be completed, with the final not played until 1908.

The tournament is now played each year over the March long weekend at Essex Park (with a related Junior Tour event played in April). There are a variety of events to cater for both competitive players and recreational players.

Championship vs Recreational

Championship events are for those players that enjoy a hard fought match and are looking to test both their skill and endurance against like minded players. Recreational events are more for those players who enjoy their tennis more as a social event. Of course there are many players who enjoy both and they are welcome to enter accordingly.

What are the Handicap Events?

In the handicap events, an attempt is made to even out the competition for all entrants in the event. This may be done by handicapping one player against the other, grouping players into draws based on similar abilities, or a combination of the two.

When handicapping, one player may be required to win more than the typical four points to win a game based on the comparative skill of their competition. There is no advantage at deuce in handicap matches as this would defeat the purpose given that more than four points would need to be won by the lower ranked player to win the match. There is also no tie-break for the same reason, with sets requiring to be won with a two game advantage.

Depending on the number players who enter, the draw may be split based on ability (for example, into an A Grade and a B Grade). Grouping players based on similar ability may mean that no handicap is applied, or the handicaps are reasonably small.

Event Details 

Players are able to enter up to four events. Players who enter two different Championship Singles events (e.g Open & Age) need to be aware that if they do so they may be required to play two matches for each event in one day (depending on entrants), i.e. four best of three singles matches in one day.

Open Championship

Open Championship singles events are elimination draw matches with scoring best of three tie-break sets (first match losers may enter an optional consolation draw). Open Championship doubles are round robin matches with scoring best of two tie-break sets. The match scoring format may be changed at the discretion of the tournament director.

  • Open Men’s Singles Championship
  • Open Men’s Doubles Championship
  • Open Women’s Singles Championship
  • Open Women’s Doubles Championship
Junior Championship

Junior Championship singles are elimination draw matches with scoring best of three tie-break sets (first match losers may enter an optional consolation draw). Junior Championship doubles are round robin matches with scoring best of two tie-break sets. For Junior Championship events a player must be 18 or under on March 31, 2014 to enter. The match scoring format may be changed at the discretion of the tournament director.

  • 18&U Boy’s Singles Championship
  • 18&U Boy’s Doubles Championship
  • 18&U Girl’s Singles Championship
  • 18&U Girl’s Doubles Championship

12&Under, 14&Under and 16&Under Championship matches are played 12-15 April, 2014.


All Recreational events are Round Robin draws with one set only in each match.

  • Mixed Doubles
  • Men’s Singles Handicap
  • Men’s Doubles Handicap
  • Women’s Singles Handicap
  • Women’s Doubles Handicap
  • Mixed Doubles Handicap
Junior Matches

For Junior events a player must meet the age criteria on March 31, 2015 to enter. All junior matches are Round Robin draws with one set only in each match.

  • 11&U Boy’s Singles – Played with a Green Ball
  • 11&U Boy’s Doubles – Played with a Green Ball
  • 13&U Boy’s Singles
  • 13&U Boy’s Doubles
  • 15&U Girl’s Singles
  • 15&U Girl’s Doubles

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to our sponsor Wilson, the winner of the 11&U Boys and the 11&U Girls Singles Events will receive a Wilson Juice 26 S racquet.

Winners of the 13&U and 15&U singles events will receive free singles entry into the Gawler Junior Championships, a Junior Tour Bronze event in April, valued at $40.

When & Where?
When: March 7-9, 2015
Time: A full schedule will be published online once draws are completed.
Where: Essex Park
Victoria Terrace, GAWLER
Other courts around Gawler may be used if required
Entry fee: Event specific
Entries close: Friday 28 February 2014
Contact: Ben Dickson (Tournament Director)
0408 637 858 or tournaments@gawlertennis.com.au

Open and Junior matches will be scheduled to start Saturday, 7 March. Players who choose to enter singles in both Open Championship and Age Championship (i.e. Juniors) will have their Age matches scheduled before their Open matches if they are to be played on the same day.


The event is played at Essex Park on Victoria Terrace in Gawler. There are ten courts that have been recently resurfaced with Plexipave to match the Australian Open surface. Throughout the tournament a canteen and bar will be operating. Other courts around Gawler may be used if required.

How to Enter 

Online Entry only available.

You can visit our Facebook Page for more information.

Tournament details are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament committee.

Major Sponsors
Gawler Bodyworks
Gawler River Cattle Co
Mitre 10 Gawler